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Playing Online Bingo Games Is Not Only About Bingo

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People who enjoy playing online bingo games such as 75 and 90 ball bingo, not only get to play these game. There are a host of different bingo variations and bingo software developers also provide sites with slots which are a big favourite, keno, scratch cards, pull tabs, and even roulette, video poker and blackjack.

Taking a look at all the variations of online bingo, we find a simple game, with cards marked in a particular way and a bunch of numbered balls which are called. The amount of numbered balls in the game is generally relevant to the name of the game, and so we find 75 and 90 ball bingo.

90 ball bingo is the variant of the game which is most loved in the UK, and it offers three ways to win. Because there are three rows on a 90 ball bingo card, if you mark off the numbers in one row this is a 1 line win, two rows is a 2 line win and all the numbers is a Full House. This is the aim of the game, to win the full house and this has been known to happen, a "hat Trick". This is when the same player gets all three prizes and is the only winner. The Spanish variant of this game has the name number of balls and only 2 winners, on one line and full house, so the prizes are larger as they are a two way split.

75 ball bingo has one prize and as the card is a five by five grid, it is simple to create patterns. So when the pattern is covered this is the full house. This game is more popular with US players but has caught on readily in the UK. 80 ball bingo is also pattern bingo and similar in nature to the 75 ball version of the game. 30 ball bingo is another variant and is called speed bingo because it is such a fast game. 50 ball bingo, 60 ball bingo and you name it, are being designed by software developers, and a new version of bingo is released every now and then, but only online.

Slots are hugely popular, but so are TV game shows so both bingo and slots games have been designed and evolved round games show themes, such as Deal or No Deal and Price is Right as well as others. Software developers are completely on the ball and when people go mad for a popular TV show. X Factor is a case in point and now you can play X Factor the slots game which has three bonus levels, and X Factor the scratchie. Monopoly slots, Cluedo slots, Hole in the Wall and many others are popular, as are classic slots, holiday themed games, when it is Christmas, Easter or Halloween.

Online, these games are called mini games, and can be played at the same time as you are playing bingo. But you can pretty much guarantee that these mini games have a power packed punch when it comes to prizes. One such "Mini" game; Clover Rollover has presently got nearly £1.2 million in the PJP, and it is itching to be won.

uk online bingo
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UK Online Bingo
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