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Playing bingo online is not only about paying for bingo tickets to win cash and other prizes; it is also about being part of a highly social community. To encourage players to get into chat and make friends with fellow roomies, the bingo chat rooms are fully moderated. This means that Chat Host (CH), sometimes also called chat 'Moderators' or 'Managers" are trained to encourage players to join in. As a way of warming up the fun and games, the CH's offer the opportunity to play bingo chat games. Much like a game of charades gets the party started, chat games also pump up the fun. Join in and play – make sure you do – because chat games pay you to play.

Prizes are given away and these usually go to the player who is first off the mark to reply with a correct answer. Bingo chat games are brief little hot-spots of fun and prizes compose of bingo bonuses mostly, but sometimes there is even real cash to be won, or small and more tangible prizes.

Popular forms of chat games are structured as Trivia Tests. We all love testing our knowledge and some sites that play bingo chat games, have turned these events into entire Pub Quiz promos; for example Virgin Bingo. On a Sunday a Pub Trivia chat session takes place and this is just one example of how a small chat game that is loved by all players, has evolved into something exciting and very worthwhile to play. Prize money pays out for 1st place = £50, 2nd place = £30, 3rd place = £20; this is big prize money for anyone wishing to play bingo chat games.

The reason why we use this example is purely because it's a good one. It outlines the fact that players need to be a funded member of a site in order to take advantage of free chances to win. But like all things free – they come at a price - although it's not a very high price. The member must be paid up - they need to have made a deposit into their account within the last 30 days and have bought 2 bingo tickets into the game playing at the time that the question is asked. Again, the fastest person with the correct answer generally wins.

These are the same or similar rules which apply to any chat games being played, at any online bingo site offering them – and all websites do. The difference is, some pay better than others, and some chat games have evolved into independent events, at specific times, that everyone looks forward to playing.

Chat games may also take on a number format whereby as the bingo game numbers are called a game plays. Some differ in that the second, third or fourth person to get the correct answer wins. It all depends on the rules. All sites that play bingo chat games, outline the rules or simply ask your friendly CM.

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