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Play 80 Ball Bingo Game When 75 Balls is Too Little

80 Ball Bingo Game

80 ball bingo is basically the same as 75 ball bingo, except the game uses 80 balls. I am sorry it does not get more succinct than this! The bingo card is almost the same, only this time is a 4 x 4 column/row grid, giving 16 squares to play with as well as a few extra ball calls. The card lends itself to patterns really well and at some point in time when this game was invented, they called it "Shutterboard" or "Seaside" Bingo. At the time it was popular in the UK, before online bingo was par for the course, a little shutterboard was used, where the player flicked a shutter over the bingo number when it was called. I suppose that when you were on holiday at the seaside, you did not have to remember to take your lucky bingo dabber with you everywhere you went? I could be wrong!

Virtually every modern UK online bingo site offers the game together with 75 and 90 ball bingo, and it also has many fans. Like every other version of this game, it is a completely random number game and there are no real tips, tricks or strategies for winning. I suppose we could call it a fusion of 75 and 90 ball games. It is however interesting to note, that 80 ball bingo is not found at US sites – if there are any sites still offering games to players from this country. The same applies to specifically Canadian online bingo sites – there is no 80 ball bingo.

Each column in the card is a different colour; these are red yellow, blue and silver. The rules are simple just like any other game of bingo - the players buys a card and the numbers are called. When we play 80 ball bingo online, the numbers are dabbed automatically, so, no-one has to worry about missing a crucial winning number. Although for your information the numbers are found 1-20 in the first row, 21-40, in the second, 41-59, in the third and 60-80 in the last row. This is important information for the live bingo player when they have to dab their own numbers and need to know where to find them, but rarely relevant when played online.

As the bingo card is so well defined in a square, the patterns on offer are virtually endless. We find letters, numbers, verticals, diagonals, horizontals, seasonal and all kinds of crazy stuff. This makes the game more interesting which means we also have a lot more fun. 80 ball bingo also offers the coverall game, and this generally works hand-in-hand with a progressive jackpot prize or a sliding jackpot with a large coverall prize, which must be won in a very specific amount of calls. When an entire bingo card must be covered to effect a win, the win is generally made worth the effort. So, these games are favourites with what we call the "jackpot chaser", but most bingo players enjoy playing no matter the size of the prize.

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