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The Difference Between Bingo and a Casino

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There is nothing major which differentiates a bingo hall from a casino or vice versa, it is just that in the US, a bingo hall is often referred to as a bingo casino, and for this reason the words "Bingo Casino" have become idiomatic. Bingo is a game which can be found in a casino and but the same token, casino games can be found in bingo halls. It is all gambling really just the fact that games are called by different names.

For example many online bingo halls in the UK also supply their members with a variety of casino games. I only know of two UK sites which only offer bingo and nothing else and popular games with bingo players include other random number games. Games such as slots and roulette! Online bingo sites also have members who enjoy playing video poker, so this is a regularly featured game and blackjack is also found. Traditionally, poker and roulette would not be available in a bingo hall, only in a casino, but slots would be found in both.

Online bingo halls also offer their members scratch cards which are lotto-like games, these are instant wins, so virtually scratch the card to reveal the symbols beneath and if you match the symbols you win – instantly!! Bingo players love these games, there is not waiting for the lotto numbers to be called, and incidentally there are a number of bingo sites which also give players access to various lotteries around continental Europe.

At many sites these instant games which includes, slots, keno, scratch cards, video poker and pull tabs are also called "mini games". Mini; not because of the prizes on offer, but because they are able to be played by opening into a small independent window in the bingo room, while still playing bingo. Many players take full advantage of their considerable multi-tasking skills and play bingo while at the same time playing slots, chat games and chatting to their friends, and although this may sound complex to you, it actually isn’t. It takes no time to master all these consecutive actions and makes for an even more fun time.

Mini games such as the Clover Rollover for example, pack a huge punch when it comes to prize money. This game has about £1.2 million in the prize pot, mafia millions has £308 000, and there are many more than just these two examples. It all depends on what software a site is developed on, as to the type of games which take place and what their prize money is. Punchy games like this with massive PJP (progressive jackpot prizes) can also be played as standalone games at a site, and this is basically just another section of the site. Although technology changes so quickly in this industry, I may even be wrong and all slots and other games can be played at the same time as others taking place. At Bet365 Bingo for example, you can open up three different bingo rooms and play games simultaneously.

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