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Online bingo in its purest form is not a very challenging game. Think about it like this: players buy tickets, the games starts, balls are called card are played on auto daub. There is not a lot left for the player to do, other than perhaps chat to their fellow roomies, play an in-window instant game, or twiddle their thumbs – wait to see who has won. Some bingo sites allow players to play in more than one bingo room at a time, but there is still very little challenge to playing. This is what makes playing online bingo so relaxing, but for those players who like to go head-to-head, bingo tournament have become the norm.

Generally speaking, bingo tournaments may be regular features at many sites. They take on the format of "Team Bingo" during which a monthly or weekly competition takes place between team members of four players each. As these members play bingo and win, tournament points add up, and the best team at the end of the time period, shares a massive BB's (bingo bonuses/bucks) prize. However, Team Bingo quickly caught on but we don't hear about it as much anymore, it kind of just 'IS" as a benefit of belonging to a site. Although due to recent 'lack of interest', some sites have stopped these types of bingo tournaments.

What happens more often today – is that individual bingo and instant game tournaments take place. Let's have a look at a good example: The Joy of Bingo networked sites offer these tourneys, and as apposed to a team challenge, bingo players take each other on head-to-head in a 'leader board' competition.

Joy of Bingo sites comprise of Wink, Red Bus, Posh, Tasty Bingo and the new Bingo Street. The Posh Bingo tournament for the moment is an Instant Games and bingo tourney. In this instance, members with "Itchy feet for adventure" can join in a treasure hunt. There is £500 as prize money to be shared and about 10 prize places on the leader board. It is a prime example of a modern bingo tournament. Players are rewarded with points for writing into the site, so their 'creativity' is acknowledged. They are given 5 points every time they bingo specific patterns, and for their wagering on both bingo and instant games; points are also awarded. Members are able to check their position on the leader board which is updated daily. At the end of the competition period, which in this case is two weeks; the player at the top of the leader board, is the winner of the lion's share of the prize.

These are fun ways to win even more, while still playing and winning on bingo and slots. There are always terms and conditions, and bingo tournaments are free to enter. It would not be possible for a non-funded member to play for example, but some tournament rules demand that a deposit be made within a specific time period. Always check out the rules, then if you like a challenge, zone in and play.

uk online bingo
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UK Online Bingo
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