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90 Ball Bingo Game

90 Ball bingo is a complete and absolute game of chance – it falls into the category of random number games, is considered to be a "soft" gambling activity, and the 90 ball version of the game is as British as fish and chips. 90 ball bingo game is also popularly played in various European countries, as well as in Australia and New Zealand, while our US and Canadian brothers and sisters in bingo, prefer the 75 ball version of the game. In Spain for example – they also play 90 ball bingo and this is a game with a difference; the UK version offers three prizes: – 1 Line, 2 Lines and Full House, while the Spanish version offers only two prizes, 1 Line and a Full house. The rest stays the same.

This game has a completely unique bingo card, compared to both 75 ball bingo and 80 ball bingo, instead of being set in a square grid, it is set in a rectangular 3 x 9 horizontal and vertical columnar (respectively) grid. It is sometimes called housie, at least that's what my Nana used to call it, and in fact it is still called housie when it is played in Australia today. Bingo has quite literally survived the ages, and very different tale of its history is actually told in the UK, from that of the USA.

Bingo tickets for this game are generally sold in a "strip" and a strip of bingo tickets consists of six chances to play. It has transitioned into the online gambling industry and blown all ideals of the old 90 ball bingo we once knew and loved, right out of the virtual window. The simplicity of bingo in general, has turned it into a game which has the un-canniest ability to recreate itself, as well as appeal to all age groups, walks of life, nationalities and genders. However the actual phenomenon of online bingo has changed all preconceived ideas of this game, and demographics as well as many other factors have also dramatically changed.

Despite all of these online bingo transitions and changes to tradition, the game of 90 ball bingo is once again, and at the same time remains, a British social institution. Players go online to chat to their friends as much as they do to play bingo, and without the concept of winning. It is budgeted for as 'entertainment' just like people would budget for going to the movies, and the one thing about it is when players win; no-one could be more surprised.

People who play bingo are special, they are generous to the extreme, and this generosity shows in so many of the winners' tales. Generosity and sharing it appears, is also a traditional British aspect amongst live bingo players and there is rarely a 90 ball bingo winning story, where the winner does not share prizes, both big and small with their regular bingo partner. Even in the case where a partner is not present at a winning game. We love playing 90 ball bingo game online, we hope you will love playing this game too, just as much as we do.

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